Innovative Vertical Transportation Solution for China ZUN - CITIC Tower

Roger Lu
General Manager and Head of Major Projects, China
KONE, Shanghai

Digitalization has changed the way the building are designed and planned. However, the actual construction work is still very labor intensive and flow of workers can be significant. Traditional builder’s hoists are slow and inefficient, especially on highrise sites when the numbers of workers are high and vertical travel distances are long.

KONE has a better solution as this flagship highrise construction site in China demonstrates.

KONE Jumplift allow builders to use high speed elevators already during construction time which dramatically improve site efficiency, shorten the time schedule of the construction and thus save a lot of money.

“We don’t only provide best people flow solutions to the office when ready, but also provide effective people solution during construction time.” Said Roger Lu, General Manager of Major Projects, KONE.

Another KONE technology driving China Zun’s height is KONE UltraRope® – a super-light rope with a carbon-fiber core and special high-friction coating. KONE UltraRope offers a number of benefits over traditional steel hoisting ropes.. For example, it reduces weights by up to 80% allowing elevators to move farther and faster than ever before.

China Zun is setting a beaming example for other up and coming skyscrapers in the country. A report by the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats (CTBUH) states China dominated the world, ninth time in a row in 2016, in building skyscrapers. With the growing popularity of technologies such as KONE JumpLift and KONE UltraRope, it would be no surprise if China leads the pack this year, as well.