Implementation of a Past Innovation Award Winner: KONE UltraRope at CITIC Tower

Santeri Suoranta
Head of Technology, Major Projects
KONE, Hyvinkää

When it received the CTBUH Innovation Overall Category Award in 2013, KONE UltraRope, a carbon-fiber rope with a high-friction epoxy coating, which is only 19 percent the weight of a standard steel-core rope, had only been implemented in testing towers. The potential to practically double the height an elevator cab could travel in a single run had obvious implications for energy and space savings in tall buildings, but was unproven. Today that is no longer the case. The just-opened CITIC Tower, a 528-meter office building in Beijing, deploys one of the first applications of KONE UltraRope in a supertall building. An overview of the design and installation process, and lessons learned from several months of operation will be provided.