C FutureCity

Keith Griffiths
Chairman and Global Design Principal
Aedas, Hong Kong

With 15 high-rise towers and a 150,000-square-metre retail facility, C FutureCity, totaling a gross floor area of 1,100,000 square metres, is the largest urban renewal development in Shenzhen. This mega project is located within the existing Shangsha Village, the largest ‘urban village’ surrounded by skyscrapers, transportation infrastructure, and other modern urban constructions in the Futian district. Both Centralcon and Aedas share a vision to change the way that people live, work and play; and to inspire their perception stepping towards the future whilst embracing the past.

As a result, a new modern urban hub concept is designed to irrigate and connect the city through porosity, multiple usages and multi-level public spaces. Within this new vision of urban hub, the buildings are adaptable, multi-functional, and with maximised synergy and urbanity. A rich mix of usages and connectivity will create a vibrant, focused and sustainable city hub.

‘Technology’, ‘nature’ and ‘art’ are three keys to this development. With the latest building materials and technologies, we designed a simple, elegant yet powerful architecture fronting the city main road, creating a gateway to north Futian central business district.

By integrating green elements, sustainable strategies, we integrate our design with the adjacent mangrove ecological park to establish a southern gateway to the nature. From north to south, the one-kilometer architecture journey becomes the backbone of this development to revitalise the whole district and transform it to a brand-new landmark in Shenzhen.

To diversify and enrich the urban spaces and social activities, Aedas has gathered over 20 design talents around the world and worked with Teamlab from Japan, Patrik Blanc from France and SDL from Sweden to turn creativity into 10 different pavilions with different types of arts in C FutureCity.