Technical Innovation and Practice of Center AC On CITIC Tower

Shuiquan Ye
Hangzhou RUNPAQ Technology, Hangzhou

(1) Ice storage & big temperature difference air distribution VAV AC technology, 35,000RTh; Peak-valley price policy to achive peak load shifting and save operation cost; 4.5℃ (designed water supply temperature) in refrigerating room and 8℃ (air supply temperature) of VAV system to reduce pump & fan coil distribution energy cost; Using internal AC unit returned water to eliminate curtain wall load and achieve the big temperature coupling control of chilled water;
(2) Automatical shift of season modes (summer, transition season, winter); Automatic working condition/temperature value control;
(3) Using pressure independent type regulating valve, so the water system will adjust the dynamic balance automatically; Using return water temperature control valve to assure the energy-saving operation of fan coil; Big temperature difference & variable water flow control technology to achieve optimization energy-saving;
(4) Using PLC and industrial internet technology to achieve independent program commissioning, fault recognition, and the control strategy and logic of 300000 monitor point in CITIC Tower;
(5) Optimizing operation strategy, improving device/system energy efficiency and reducing operation cost by combining HVAC control and energy management system