Z•BEMS (Building Energy Management System) With Flow Use Analysis for CITIC Tower

Kimiyuki Sakurai
Business Department Manager
Azbil Corporation, Tokyo

For commercial real estate developers, compact core tube area and reduce the energy consumption of electromechanical equipment are very important factor of accelerating investment recovery in super high-rise buildings. The electric control valve A+ (The next presenter will introduce) with flow detection function and the Z•BEMS with analytical function adopted by China Zun could contributed to the aforementioned factors.

This presentation will firstly emphasize the popularization of BEMS in Japan and its important role in building energy conservation, then introduce the overview and features of Z•BEMS. Secondly, combine actual data to illustrate how to achieve optimal operation and energy saving by using Z•BEMS to find problems and solve problems. And then the different functions of BEMS in Japan and other BEMSs with the same name are compared. Finally, BEMS operation method and its necessity and expected energy saving effect of using Z•BEMS in China Zun are summarized.