Structural Engineering Award of Excellence: China Zun, Beijing

Peng Liu
Arup, Beijing

Perimeter Megacolumns for Maximum Lease Spans and a Balanced Form

The elegant, curved elevation of China Zun is a result of balancing architectural form, structural efficiency and commercial needs. Unlike the typical tapered elevation, China Zun’s floor plan reduces from 78 meters in width at the bottom to 54 meters at the 385-meter height, and then which then enlarges to 70 meters at the top. The enlarged top of the building gives 80,000 square meters’ more leasing area, which provides extra value to the client. The ultimate structural scheme was established after more than 800 options were studied by the design team. An efficient perimeter megacolumn structure yields a maximum core wall thickness of only 1.2 meters, which releases more floor area for leasing. At the ground floor, only four composite megacolumns are located at the corners to create a grand entrance lobby with a 55-meter-wide, column-free elevation. The megacolumn’s section at the bottom is 60.8 square meters, one of the largest column sections ever devised.

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